Ted Harris joined DeepLabs to focus on emerging technologies that could be disruptive to traditional payment networks. The goal was to identify these technologies, understand them within our ecosphere and 

  • Find partners to explore emerging technologies with
  • Show the art of the possible for product and sales
  • Craft protective and strategic IP to position Visa in a strong position for future growth

Ted was head of Research, North America, and created the VisaLabs overall research strategy and founded Visa’s IoT lab and AI research teams. Example areas of focus:

  • Crypto Currency and Blockchain technologies 
  • Advanced ML/AI 
  • Emerging Big Data technologies (Spark and HDFS)
  • IoT and 3-D Printing
  • Encryption (Multi-party Secure Computation)
  • Cloud computing (OpenStack)

VisaLabs gave birth to Visa Research and Visa Innovation Centers which continue to be at the forefront of innovation at Visa to this day.

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