Publication number: 20180330258
Abstract: Embodiments are directed to a method of performing autonomous learning for updating input features used for an artificial intelligence model, the method comprising receiving updated data of an information space that includes a graph of nodes having a defined topology, the updated data including historical data of requests to the artificial intelligence model and output results associated with the requests, wherein different categories of input data corresponds to different input nodes of the graph. The method may further comprise updating edge connections between the nodes of the graph by performing path optimizations that each use a set of agents to explore the information space over cycles to reduce a cost function, each connection including a strength value, wherein during each path optimization, path information is shared between the rest of agents at each cycle for determining a next position value for each of the set of agents in the graph.
Type: Application
Filed: May 9, 2017
Publication date: November 15, 2018
Inventors: Theodore D. Harris, Craig O’Connell, Yue Li, Tatiana Korolevskaya