Ted Harris has over 15 years of experience leading innovation teams focused on using machine learning and big data to solve complex business problems. He has a broad range of industry experience including non-profits, manufacturing, insurance, and payment. Ted received his MS in Economics from the University of Oregon and has over fifteen patents in the areas of machine learning, the Internet of Things, BlockChain, encryption, compilers, and software systems.

As SVP of data science and research at DeepLabs, he built both teams from the ground up focusing on both diversity and raw talent team,  Under his stewardship, DeepLabs successfully ran an additional fundraising round, executed on four SOWs with major financial institutions, created six new patent application, rebuilt the core ML AI engine, won a major government contract, published two peer review papers in consumer psychology and created a large database of consumer behavior, He also, working closely with sales was critical in securing four new SOWs and tow government contracts.  Key to his success was navigating a remote-first work environment, startup culture, and challenging market conditions during COVID,

Prior to joining DeepLabs Ted Harris helmed research teams at Visa exploring product innovation and emerging technologies. In product organization, his team, Advanced Designs, spearheaded Machine Learning and AI solutions for risk, identity, and data products by designing and creating a next-generation AI/ML platform that enables seamless integration of ML/AI development and production environments. Advanced Designs also evaluated and promoted emerging technologies within Visa and submitted over a hundred patent applications. Currently, all real-time models at Visa are run on technology created and maintained by Advanced Designs.

At Visa Labs (the advanced technology and incubation arm of Visa) Ted Harris led North American Research where he led a cross-functional team of engineers, researchers, and data scientists. His team was charged with researching emerging technology trends, delivering proof of concepts using new technologies, and co-innovation with partners. Ted created Visa’s first rapid prototypes lab to explore the impact of the Internet of Things on Visa’s partners and how to integrate IoT into Visa’s core products. The lab produced mock retail and manufacturing spaces with dozens of custom-built IoT devices to explore security, customer service, and automation. Not only did his team’s efforts provide a clear path for Visa’s strategy on IoT but they submitted dozens of patents and the software stack used to relay the device information was reused throughout Visa for other critical initiatives. The team also created a domain-specific AI/ML language which is used to build most of Visa’s AI models today and delivered several POCs that grew into new products still offered today. 

At Quality Planning Corporation (a unit of Verisk), Ted Harris managed an innovation team, focused on new data acquisition, ML/AI, and new product design. Much of the technology and systems his team developed are still in production today. One key initiative his team built was the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) data platform. His team was not only charged with finding and acquiring FOIA data but also creating a platform that would standardize the data, monitor it for quality issues, link the data together, and provide an API layer to enable seamless ingestion with existing products. Ted also served as a founding member of the ISO Analytical Council which championed modern data mining techniques within Verisk and designed four new products that are still serving customers today.

Throughout Ted Harris’ career, he has focused on bringing the best out of himself and others to enable the art of the possible.