To have a conversation with the Internet or a journey to new experiences the user’s moods and personality should take a guiding role. That is the motivation behind MoodRelate is a mood-guided search engine using content from open data sources like Wikipedia and powered by NLP leveraging graph technologies.

Ted Harris created MoodRelate in 2009 to showcase the power of graphs and to provide a new perspective on search. Core to MoodRelate is ML/AI technology that associated moods with a site’s or topic’s content. The original NLP engine used a graph learner that fitted edge weights between words and moods.  The next-generation engine uses UMap and traditional NLP coupled with graph queries. is the world’s first mood-based search engine.  The target audience is:

  • Causal browsing
  • Research in emotional AI or Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Content creation

The original data was pulled from Freebase (owned by Metaweb which was acquired by Google in 2010 ). The new version mostly uses Wikipedia and the common crawl.

It is currently offline.