V.Me (Visa Checkout)

As mobile and online wallets became more widespread in the payment ecosphere Visa saw the need for a new digital payment wallet offering to better serve network partners and to position itself for future growth in an evolving payment landscape.  A strategic group was set up within Visa of technologists, sales, and marketing experts to craft a mobile wallet product. Ted Harris was a member of this group focusing on how Visa’s unique ML/AI capabilities could help power this new offering.

After eight months of development, the initial product (V.Me) was launched leveraging Visa network reach, technical expertise, and ML/AI modeling. The initial goal of V.Me was not to get consumer adoption but rather to gain the issuer’s acceptance. of the API platform.  On this strategic goal, V.Me (now Visa Checkout) was very successful and many large issuer’s wallets are still powered by the framework Ted and his team developed to this day. 

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