Intelligent Consumer Service Terminal Apparatuses, Methods and Systems

Publication number: 20130290234
Abstract: The INTELLIGENT CONSUMER SERVICE TERMINAL APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (hereinafter “ICST”) The ICST transforms user service request inputs via ICST components into a service solution executable by an intelligent terminal. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed, comprising: receiving a service request inquiry from a remote terminal; parsing the service request inquiry to obtain service identifying information; querying in a solution cloud based on the obtained service identifying information; retrieving a solution from the solution cloud from the query; generating a downloadable instruction package including the retrieved solution based on source information of the remote terminal; and providing the downloadable instruction package to the remote terminal.
Type: Application
Filed: June 20, 2013
Publication date: October 31, 2013
Inventors: Theodore Harris, Patrick L. Faith