Uber/Visa Rewards and Recommendation Engine

Visa Local Offers with Uber—a rewards program in the Uber app—gives riders credits toward future rides when they use their eligible Visa card around town at featured merchants in the U.S.  Ted Harris working with sales and Uber created the first real-time recommendation engine at Visa to power this unique offering. The product was in production in a six-month time frame from the initial conversation with Uber to deployment on Visa.net and integration with the Uber mobile App.  

The recommendation engine designed and built by Ted’s team generated graph communities across all of Visa’s payment ecosphere and was able to generate hundreds of recommendations in less than 30 milliseconds for all Visa cardholders. The code base is still in production today.  The result of the initial product launch was a multi-year contract between Visa and Uber, the creation of unique AI/ML capabilities at Visa, and four patents.

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Associated Patents