Machine Learning And Prediction Using Graph Communities

Publication number: 20210073283
Abstract: Embodiments of the invention are directed to methods and devices for predicting interactions. One embodiment is directed to a method comprising receiving, by one or more computers, interaction data for a plurality of known interactions between resource providers and users, and creating a topological graph based on the plurality of known interactions. The method may further comprise determining, by the one or more computers, a plurality of communities to form a predictive model, and receiving a request for a prediction. In addition, the method may comprise applying the request to the predictive model, by the one or more computers, by identifying a community in the plurality of communities corresponding to the request, determining a node within the identified community, and providing information regarding the node as the requested prediction.
Type: Application
Filed: November 19, 2020
Publication date: March 11, 2021
Inventors: Theodore D. Harris, Craig O’Connell, Terry Angelos, Tatiana Korolevskaya, Yue Li, Todd Sawyer