Publication number: 20220374484
Abstract: A system receives transaction data from payment devices of a user. The system generates a transaction profile of the user based on the received transaction data. Based on the transactional parameters, the system determines a community of the user. The system further receives one or more predefined sub-groups of the community from a database. The one or more sub-groups define subsets of activities, geographic locations, and times. The system identifies one or more rules setting limits on the transactional parameters. Absent receiving additional user interactions, the system generates a suggested community for the user as a function of the one or more rules, the activities, geographic locations, and times of the one or more sub-groups of the community. The system generates a suggested activity to the user based on the suggested community.
Type: Application
Filed: October 1, 2019
Publication date: November 24, 2022
Inventors: Theodore Harris, Tatiana Korolevskaya, Yue Li, Jerry Wald

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