Publication number: 20220358242
Abstract: Client devices can send access request messages to resource management computers to request access to a resource. A data security hub can provide centralized routing between different client devices, resource management computers, and authentication data processing servers. The data security hub can reduce the risk of sensitive authentication information from leaking (e.g., due to a breach) by limiting the amount or types of authentication information distributed to the data processing servers. The data security hub can limited the authentication information being distributed based on its sensitivity, the trust level of the client device, and the security level of the requested resource. The data security hub can also evaluate the client devices and data processing servers to identify security breaches and can cancel or reroute access requests accordingly. Thus, the data security hub can maintain resource security while better preserving the privacy of the client device’s authentication information.
Type: Application
Filed: July 29, 2022
Publication date: November 10, 2022
Applicant: Visa International Service Association
Inventors: Theodore Harris, John F. Sheets, Mark Nelsen, Yue Li, Craig O’Connell