Behavioral Science Surveys

Once joining as Head of Research, Ted Harris saw the need for DeepLabs to have its own unique, proprietary data to:

  • Enable unique psychological and behavioral analysis of consumer data for marketing and risk modeling
  • Add value for potential acquisition or fundraising.
  • Better meet the growing needs of critical partners and clients

Ted first built out a new behavioral science team focusing on psychologists with an understanding of survey techniques and the impact of personality on decision-making in a purchase environment.  Leveraging their talents, a series of interconnected surveys were crafted to run on M-Turk,  Each survey was tuned either to a specific client ask or platform need focusing on:

  • Tuning the Natual Processing Language (NLP) techniques by providing context around how a human interprets news.
  • Enabling DeepLabs’ DeepDecision engine to uncover latent personality traits of payment card users.
  • Associating a label outcome in our client’s data, such as a user’s desire for an offer after making a purchase based on personality. 

Ted and his team developed a data integration engine that could link the survey results to standard purchase data to enable the results to be leveraged across all of DeepLabs’ clients. 

The team successfully ran fourteen surveys which were pivotal in the creation of a new product, DeepConsumer, that provided deep personality analysis of cardholders from payment date.  They also published two new patents and two peer-reviewed academic papers on how personality impacts the effect of dark patterns.

Associated patents:

Associated Papers: