Visa AI Platform

While at Visa, Ted Harris was the product owner and lead developer of an internally facing product that provided high-performance real-time data orchestration and ML/AI capabilities to analytics products throughout Visa. In this role, Ted met with data science and products teams across Visa gathering requirements and worked with the infrastructure teams to design a product that:

  • Met Visa’s strict SLA (scale to greater than 10K transactions per second with less than 10 MS response time for each request)
  • Could be upgraded at will when new ML/AI technology emerged
  • Was powerful enough to provide the best-in-class modeling capabilities
  • Was easy for new hires to learn and use
  • Was inexpensive to maintain and run
  • Was secure enough to meet Sarbanes Oxley and other strict model governance requirements.

The solution was centered around a Visa proprietary data transformation and ML/AI language that Ted Harris invented and a rich set of graphical developer and admin tools.  Critical to its ongoing success was the language’s ability to be run cross-platform (Linux, Windows, RTLinux) and cross-language (Python, C++, and Java) as well as a well-organized code base that enabled new developers to extend the platform quickly.

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