Planned Shipping

Byer California is a well-established garment manufacturer headquartered in San Francisco, CA,  Its continued success is in part due to Byer’s focus on efficiency and automation, and, over the years, it has remained at the forefront of automation in manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping,

The Planned Shipping  App was designed by Ted Harris working closely with account executives, warehouse managers, and shipping managers to be the heart of Byer’s automated manufacturing efforts. It was a multiuser, drag-and-drop app that at the point of sale dictated exactly how each specific piece of the garment was packaged, labeled, and shipped. At its heart was an ML/AI algorithm that choose carriers based on requirements and then estimated ship dates based on past data. Everyone in the company could see as an order was completed and shipped out the door via a graphical interface that displayed to order’s progress. If the order needed to be rerouted or modified a user could do so at any time using a drag and drop up.

The product revolutionized how orders were handled within Byer and is still used to this day nearly twenty years after its development.

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