DeepDecision Engine

Ted Harris, working closely with sales, created DeepLabs’ next-generation ML/AI platform (DeepDecision) in a six-month timespan. The engine was successfully deployed at two major partners and provided the code base for the current software as a service (SAAS) production stack.

DeepLabs’ DeepDecision is a unique and propriety data processing and ML/AI engine that focuses on providing contextual awareness around event data powered by data sources such as Gdelt.  The power of DeepDecision enables a wide variety of use cases, for example:

  • Money mule detection,
  • First Party Fraud Detection,
  • Credit risk models,
  • Event Analysis   

At its heart are proprietary contextual signals and a unique unsupervised ML/AI processing engine based on Umap that provides highly processed and uniform signals to downstream supervised ML/AI models.

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