Before you begin I would recommend getting Firefox and getting the add on firebug to test your code. This will make debugging a lot easier. Also the open source software NotePad++ makes a great editor.
First, lets create a html page.  Create a text file and change the file extension to HTML. Then right click on the file and choose open with>Word Pad   (or Notepad ++ if you have that).
Type in the following text:

<p> Hello World </p>

Save and double click on the file.  It should have been brought up in a browser and look like a rather simple webpage.

Now, in the Header section, between <HEAD> and </HEAD> add:

<script type = text/javascript LANGUAGE= JavaScript >
function helloagain()
alert( Well, Hello yourself. );

Then change
<p> Hello World </p>

<p onmouseover = helloagain() > Hello World </p>

Now save and open up in a browser.  When you mouse over the text a message box should appear.

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