DOS scripts have a file extension of BAT and are referred to as Batch files.  They are equivalent to shell scripts in Unix.  From a Batch file you can perform many operations now typically achieved via the windows interface. BAT or batch scripts are extremely useful for automation on Windows machines.  A BAT script is a Microsoft specific that allows you to launch applications, copy files and other file related commands.  The language used for BAT files is DOS.  More on DOS commands here. The Windows GUI is great for simple task you never want to repeat but for complex task or tasks you wish to repeat routine learning to use scripts can greatly improve productivity.

To create a BAT file, right click on your desktop and select new-> text document. Then change the file extension to bat. Next, right click on the new file and select edit.  Now type:

ECHO ‘hello world’

Now save the file.  To run the file double click it.  Now you can begin programming your BAT script.